Commercial Electrical Contractor in Grimsby (Golden Horseshoe)

Blue Ribbon Electrical will help you with all sorts of commercial needs, whether it is commercial retrofitting or a lighting installation

Commercial Electrical Contractor in Grimsby (Golden Horseshoe)

Blue Ribbon Electrical will help you with all sorts of commercial needs, whether it is commercial retrofitting or a lighting installation

Blue Ribbon Electric keeps your commercial space lighting up every time.

We are here 24/7 for all your electrical needs. Whether it’s an electrical emergency, or upgrades, we can make it happen.


New Construction or Renovation

From the first steps of running wire and cable in your project to installing all outlets, inlets, appliances, and fixtures, Blue Ribbon covers all bases involved in getting you connected.

Commercial Electricians


Our commercial electrician team collaborates with you and your builder to review your plans. We work to identify the ideal placements for your outlets, switches, fixtures, and work equipment—anything you need for your brand-new structure or reconstruction.


As an experienced commercial electrical contractor, we employ the brightest electricians who apply state-of-the-art CAD (computer-aided design) and BIM (building information modeling) along with close collaboration with your builders to ensure a safe, efficient, and purposeful design.

Plan Approval through Municipality or relevant authorities

We take care of the complex forms and navigate through your local regulations helping you navigate through permits, OSHA laws, and codes. Plus, we stay abreast of all changes in building and safety regulations ordinances to guarantee 100% compliance.


After ensuring that your new construction is approved + permitted, we start the actual work, wiring, and laying of the cable. In addition to the meticulous placement of power distribution systems, and installation of all switches, outlets, and the power sources for machinery or appliances, we carefully implement all safety features, such as alarms and fire safety systems, along with indoor and outdoor lighting for your new building.

Post project completion Support

Once your project is complete, we run a thorough inspection to ensure all installations meet standards and are ready to go. Once the “lights are on,” we continue to provide post-completion support as needed. So, if the unexpected occurs, we’re ready with solutions.

Renovation Alteration

Do your lines need re-routing? Does your building need a complete upgrade? We can customize a plan for your renovation needs.

Complete Electrical Renovation

If you have an aging building or you are facing the problem of an outdated electrical system. Blue Ribbon will rewire your building and update it within your budget while adhering to safety standards and codes.


Perhaps you don’t need a complete replacement but upgraded power, or alterations to your current electrical supply. We can relocate outlets, add dimmer switches, and wire new additions—whatever it takes to increase your productivity.

Standby Generators

Our professionals at Blue Ribbon have you covered with a selection of some of the best and most affordable brands of generators that can be programmed to switch on within seconds of a power outage. Useful for trailers, cottages, summer homes, or country properties.

EV Charging Station Installation

Going green has never been easier. And providing your employees, customers, or both with the convenience of charging their EVs has become a possibility. Our electricians can customize a plan that fits your company’s infrastructure. Plus, we offer maintenance and repair services.

Heat Trace System Installation

Blue Ribbon offers heat tracing solutions to keep your business going even when temperatures drop below freezing. Thus preventing costly damage to your structure.

Snow Melting System(Full Roof)

Blue Ribbon offers a wide range of products that protect your roof from the gradual damage of the freeze/thaw cycle or from caving in from the weight of heavy snow accumulation. We can install temperature sensors, self-regulating cables, controllers, and other necessities.


Blue Ribbon installs high-tech, sensors and cables to prevent ice damming from destroying your gutters and causing a hazard for folks walking below.

Water Pipelines

Blue Ribbon can design and install a sophisticated system of self-regulating heating cables for pipes as well as power connection boxes, heat trace tape, and end seal kits to protect all water pipes from freezing and bursting.

Electrical Maintenance Services

We schedule general electrical maintenance services to ensure that your business is safe and efficiently connected to its power source. We include cleaning, scanning, and visual checks as well as checking disconnects. Regular maintenance helps to catch issues before they become a problem, thus saving time and money for your business.

Electrical Cleanup

Blue Ribbon considers cleanup as a crucial part of their service—not an extra (or for you to do).

Proper wiring arrangement

Hanging or stray wires and bare wires are unsightly and dangerous. The professionals at Blue Ribbon straighten, tie, and cover all wiring arrangements.

Removing extra/unused wiring

Why has an extra wire hung around when it’s not in use? Blue Ribbon’s electricians remove all dead wires from the rest of the arrangement which prevents the need for guesswork during regular maintenance or repairs.

General worksite clean-up + organization is a priority to Blue Ribbon.

Commercial Lighting Installation and Retrofitting

Replacing Old or Inefficient Lighting

Blue Ribbon brings your business out of the Dark Ages and into the Modern era through the process of commercial retrofitting. In this, we will be replacing lighting that’s outdated and inefficient. We’ll work with you to determine which light fixtures, switches, and placements work best for your clients and employees.