Residential Electrical Contractor in Grimsby (Golden Horseshoe)

Whether you need a simple light installation or a full house remodeling, our in-house team of residential electricians will help you with all sorts of electrical needs.

Residential Electrical Contractor
in Grimsby (Golden Horseshoe)

Whether you need a simple light installation or a full house remodeling, our in-house team of residential electricians will help you with all sorts of electrical needs.

Blue Ribbon Electric keeps your home lighting up every time.

We are here 24/7 for all your electrical needs. Whether it’s an electrical emergency, or home upgrades, we can make it happen.


New Construction or Renovation

Blue Ribbon covers all factors involved in getting you connected. We collaborate with you and your builder to review your home’s electrical needs to find purposeful placements for your outlets, switches, fixtures, appliances —anything you need for your brand-new or upgraded abode.

Panel Upgrades or Retro Fitting

Our team of residential electricians will analyze whether your current panel would hold up to the power needs of the new appliances or lighting. Thus, Blue Ribbon gives you the safest, most energy-efficient panel upgrade that’ll work well with your new electrical setup.

Residential Electricians

Residential Lighting Installation

At Blue Ribbon, we understand how both interior and exterior lighting enhances your home’s design, increases its value, and provides additional safety and security.


Our team of residential electricians will carefully evaluate the dimensions of the spaces that require lighting to ensure sufficient illumination. While sticking to the plan and design for each space, and keeping its purpose in mind, we’ll install fixtures, switches, outlets, indoor/outdoor ceiling fans, porch lights, and anything that meets your lighting needs.


Accidents happen, and things do wear out eventually. The Blue Ribbon professionals will promptly respond to your call, evaluate the electrical problem, and apply their expertise to guarantee an effective repair. We also offer emergency electrician service.


Whether you want to replace that dated chandelier in your dining room or switch to smart lighting that’s easy to control, Blue Ribbon can provide the replacement that meets your needs.

Landscape Lighting

With a combination of safety, purpose, and aesthetics, Blue Ribbon offers the best in landscape lighting that makes the outdoors a pleasing extension of your living and entertainment space.

Heat Tracing System Installation

Blue Ribbon offers optimal heat trace solutions to protect your home even when temperatures drop well below freezing, thus preventing costly damage to your roof, gutters, and pipes.

Snow Melting System

Blue Ribbon offers a wide range of products that protect your roof from the gradual damage of the freeze/thaw cycle or from caving in from the weight of heavy snow accumulation. We can install temperature sensors, self-regulating cables, controllers, and other necessities.


Blue Ribbon installs high-tech, sensors and cables to prevent ice damming from destroying your gutters and causing a hazard above your walkways and yard.

Water Pipelines

Blue Ribbon can design and install a sophisticated system of self-regulating heating cable for pipes as well as power connection boxes, heat trace tape, and end seal kits to protect all water pipes from freezing and bursting.

EV Charging System Installation

If you’ve already made the choice to cut down on your carbon footprint by investing in an electric vehicle, we have the capability to install a charging system in your garage or driveway. Our electricians and electrical engineers will customize a plan that fits your home’s electrical capacity. Plus, we offer maintenance and repair services.

Standby Generators

When it comes to the weather or a strain on the power grid, Murphy’s Law kicks in at the most inopportune time. Our professionals at Blue Ribbon have you covered with a selection of some of the best and affordable brands of generators that’ll switch on within seconds of a power outage.
A. Power Walls
Blue Ribbon also specializes in the installation of power walls which offer additional security in the event of a power outage. The Power Wall contains a battery system that’s charged by solar energy and detects when an outage occurs. It switches on to keep your appliances and lights running and charges back up during the day.

Hot Tub / Pools Installation

Nothing enhances ambiance of an outdoor space like new lighting. The electricians at Blue Ribbon are here to offer expertise and to listen to your ideas for your pool or spa décor. Do you prefer in-pool lighting or floating lights? If you have a waterfall, architectural lighting will highlight that feature. We also complete hook ups + upgrades to supply outdoor + pool power supply.