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06 Nov, 2023
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The best office lighting for employee productivity

Productivity means everything to your business’s success, which is why we’ll look at the positive effects that the best office lighting provides for the workplace. Better yet, we’ll also explore various lighting options to help you decide which types would best enhance productivity in your office space while creating an upbeat atmosphere for your employees.

Why Office Lighting Matters

You might be familiar with the negative effects of poor lighting, such as headaches and fatigue, but here are a few perks to ramping up your lighting system.

Enhanced Focus and Concentration

Naturally, when you have good office lighting, you can maintain your focus on your tasks. When you don’t have to struggle to see what you’re doing, then concentrating on your work becomes effortless. Furthermore, adequate lighting promotes more consistent circadian rhythms, which means that the “daylight” effect in your workspace helps you stay awake and alert during the day.

Focus and Concentration Focus Employee

Mood and Morale

Likewise, when you feel better, you can perform more productively. That is why sometimes having cheerful lighting improves your mood and morale. Not having enough light in your area, on the other hand, contributes to stress because you can’t complete your tasks proficiently. Moreover, dim lighting profoundly affects our mood and has even been known to contribute to the onset of depression, which, of course, leads to low morale.

Increased Accuracy

In many workplaces, you’ll find a variety of light fixtures, all of which serve a purpose. Lights on the ceilings and walls illuminate the room, while LED lamps hone in on specific areas, such as desktops and keyboards. Even in an artisan’s studio, you’ll find lights that adjust to the size and location of the task at hand. All in all, lighting increases not only your productivity but also your accuracy.

The Best Office Lighting Solutions for Productivity

After gaining a firm understanding of the benefits that office lighting provides, we’ll look at the different categories of light sources and light fixtures.

LED Lighting

LED lighting refers to a type of bulb that has grown increasingly popular compared to its fluorescent counterpart. Although the LED bulb costs more than fluorescent lights, it lasts much longer. For workplaces that require only 10 hours of lighting a day, these bulbs can last almost 14 years. For hospitals and other facilities that need lighting 24/7, these bulbs may need to be changed every six years. Regardless, they still save money on energy costs since they are so efficient.

LED Lighting in Workspace

Task Lighting

Another necessity in the workplace is task lighting. This type mainly includes desk lights, under-cabinet lights, or LED lamps that illuminate a specific area where work is being done. Task lighting is typically used alongside overhead lighting, giving employees full control over brightness and the on/off switch.

Task Lighting in Workspace

Smart Lighting Systems

Smart lighting provides an energy-efficient system for your office, eliminating the need for manual switches as the lights are centrally controlled. This system offers a variety of options for adjusting brightness, color, and duration. You can customize the settings to align with your employees’ preferences, natural light availability, and occupancy. When motion sensors are integrated into the system, lights automatically turn off when occupants leave the room, preventing energy waste.

Smart Lighting Systems in Workspace


Yet another way to maximize your ability to save money on utility costs while providing ample office lighting involves lighting zones. To establish lighting zones within an office space, a designer would establish the proper ratio of natural light to artificial light by gathering illuminance data for one month during each of the four seasons. All this information will let the designer know which months are more overcast than others, thus giving the ability to determine the correct ratio. Also, these measures allow for a more natural and even light distribution throughout the space.


Optimizing office lighting for employee productivity is a paramount consideration for any forward-thinking business. Blue Ribbon Electrical not only understands the significance of proper lighting but also excels in providing tailored solutions. By creating well-illuminated, comfortable workspaces, our expertise at Blue Ribbon Electrical empowers employees to thrive, fostering a brighter, more efficient, and ultimately more successful work environment.

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