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30 Jun, 2022
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7 signs that indicate your home needs rewiring

Have you noticed intermittent power surges when the weather is clear? Do certain rooms have a strange “burning smell” that can’t be explained? Before you cross off such events as a figment of your imagination, you might consider looking up electrical contractors in your area because your home might need rewiring and replacement of the breaker box. A comprehensive home safety inspection and a professional rewiring are part of the prevention measures to safeguard your family and property against fire. After all, 51,000 house fires occur annually and are caused by problems with the electricity according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. So, knowing which signs to watch for is extremely important.

Flickering light

A common sign of needing an electrical inspection involves flickering lights. While your first instinct might be to tighten the bulbs inside the fixtures, you’ll need to remember that your wiring will need to be checked if this adjustment doesn’t resolve the issue. As for wiring ages, the electricity doesn’t travel as efficiently since the connections are loose. In this situation, your home needs to be completely rewired. Luckily, electrical contractors can quickly and accurately make that determination.

Electrical Contractor for flickering lights issue

Power Fluctuations

Likewise, you’ll notice that appliances and anything else in the house that uses electricity as its power source will exhibit signs of having either insufficient power or too much. The probable causes include overloaded sockets, a conductor wire that’s too small, or loose wiring—any of which can be diagnosed after a close inspection by a residential electrician.

An electrical shock when you touch switches or plugs

A situation that involves an electrical shock—no matter how slight—requires a thorough home safety inspection that focuses on the wiring and the breaker box. When you flip a light switch, plug, or unplug an appliance or device, and you feel a slight shock, you’ll need a complete safety inspection as soon as possible. In fact, in this situation, you might consider turning off your electricity and finding lodging elsewhere if possible until that inspection and the rewiring can be completed.

Call Residential Electrician in Golden Horseshoe case of shocks

Old property and cabling

You must also take the age of your property and its surrounding cabling into consideration. Most homes that are 40 years and older have a substantial risk of electrical hazards. Both wiring and cabling are outdated not to mention fuses and breakers. Thus, an upgrade that complies with today’s safety regulations is necessary.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

When your circuit breakers trip more often than usual, your home needs rewiring. On the one hand, when circuit breakers trip, this tells you that they’re working correctly to stop the flow of electricity if the amperage is too high.

Call Electrical contractor in Golden Horseshoe tripping circuit breakers

Burning smell

Another alarming sign that requires the attention of a residential electrician includes an odd burning smell. Worse yet, you can’t pinpoint its source. This happens when sparks emit from faulty wiring and affect the wall’s interior. This occurs when the overheated metal starts burning the wire casing. Thus, if you smell burning plastic regularly, then you might call a professional right away. Otherwise, the sparks will ignite a fire once they hit the wood, insulation, or drywall.

Contact a residential electrician in Golden Horseshoe

Sparking in outlets

Additionally, if you’re surprised by a spark emitting from the outlet as you plug in an appliance, this sign could signify a serious problem. When heat builds up inside the outlet, it will short circuit and cause the wire’s insulation to deteriorate. And of course, exposed wires present a fire hazard.

So, if you find any of these signs happening multiple times even in a brief time span, then you need to contact a skilled electrician. The highly trained and licensed professionals at Blue Ribbon Electrical offer thorough safety inspections and services that range from designing for new construction to maintenance of your home or business. Whether you need a residential rewiring or a commercial lighting installation, call Blue Ribbon for a free estimate.

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