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23 Feb, 2023
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Why You Need an Electrical Inspection of Your Home

An electrical inspection of a residence involves a complete examination of the overall electrical system, including wires, circuit breakers, components, air panels, electrical boxes, conduits, and in some cases, electrical appliances. Electrical safety is of great importance for any home or building. Electrical failure or malfunction is the primary contributing factor to the start of 80% of home fires. As family safety is the top priority, having electrical inspections are always extremely important.

Top 7 Reasons For An Electrical Inspection

Buying or Selling a Home

No matter if you are on the selling or purchasing side, knowing the house has passed electrical checking is always a big plus. As an example, if you are purchasing a century home, the original wiring just might not have the capacity to withstand modern living’s demands. So, knowing the quality level and capacity for improvement can be a make-or-break situation. Consequently, the older the house, the higher the need for checking the electrical wiring. Removing the risk from the very beginning makes all the difference in a home’s functionality and safety.

If you are on the selling side, when you know the electrical wiring has been checked, you can easily assure any potential buyer that everything with the electrical wiring is in order. After all, any house with 30+ years of existing will need a new detailed check-up.

Living in an Older Home

You should schedule an electrical check if you reside in an older house, which is one of the key justifications. Older homes are more vulnerable, although newer dwellings are generally safer and typically require an electrical check after 10 years. Keep in mind that the wiring could be badly damaged. Moreover, antiquated technology like tube and knob wiring and other outdated features are frequently found in older homes, making them incompatible with modern appliances. Be mindful that there may have been multiple attempts to enhance the initial wiring. These enhancements could, however, be of poor quality. A certified electrician should be called every three years if you reside in an ancient house.

Outdated Wiring

Outdated Wiring

If you are not a professional electrician, spotting outdated wiring will be a very hard task. Some outdated electrical systems, like two-prong outlets, might be easier to recognize, but with the other aspects, potential issues may not be so obvious.

And this is just a problem because old electrical panels are prone to short-circuit, resulting in unfortunate residential fires. So electrical inspections can help you not only detect outdated electrical wiring but also share recommendations for possible updated options.

After Major Renovations

Once you have remodeled the home and fixed any existing damage, it is time for you to set up a detailed electrical inspection. Many people who are renovating their houses usually make changes to their system by adding to the original electrical construction. If this is done, it will not only contribute to how the electrical wiring functions but will make the home both functional and safe.

Safety Needs

Electrical safety for home

No matter if you are buying a new or old house or if you are renting or selling, safety must always come first. Having a proper electrical inspection of the new house will remove any worries and bring peace of mind.

There are a few quick pointers you can look for when checking out a new place. The heat coming from the switches can be a warning sign. Also, check the sockets. Even if just of them is hot, that is already a red flag. Also, if lights are flickering, although not hazardous, do your due diligence to ensure everything works correctly. And in case you hear odd sounds coming from the electrical devices or appliances, most probably there are some issues with the electrical wiring.

Spike in Energy Costs

If unexpectedly you start getting higher energy bills (and your day-to-day activities are the same), an electrical inspection might be in order. An electrician would determine if an electrical unit is not running efficiently or if something is wrong with the wiring. Either way, you’re looking at paying less for electricity in the following months afterward.

Lights That Dim or Flicker

If your lights start to dim or flicker, it might not be dangerous. That is a typical indicator, though, of the simultaneous usage of many appliances on the same circuit. Get a qualified electrician to determine the causes of the fading or flickering lights to put your mind at ease and make sure all of your appliances are operating as they should. Also, your electrician may perform a comprehensive assessment of your appliances, make upgrades that could be appropriate, and tell you how long an item will last.


If you are located in the Golden Horseshoe Region and are looking for skilled electricians, Blue Ribbon Electrical is the right choice for you. No matter if you have moved to a new rental place, purchased a new home, or are renovating, it is highly important that the electrical wiring works flawlessly. Scheduling an electrical inspection now to get your work done effectively.

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