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20 Jan, 2023
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Why Does My Electrical Outlet Spark?

The electricity running through any home outlet creates a lot of currents. If not maintained or properly used, it can be quite dangerous. The proper way of functioning is for the electricity to easily flow, without interruption, through any available circuit in the home and back to the main grid. The electricity sockets rely on this fast-moving current, so the power is there wherever is needed.

Upon plugging in an electrical appliance, part of this power is transferred into the device. A moment before this happens, as the power from the outlets suddenly diverts, there is a quick draw from the overall available power, transforming it into a brief spark. As the electrons flow freely, no reason should create a spark to form. Nevertheless, sometimes sparks can be quite dangerous. Therefore, it’s imperative to be aware of and understand the reasons why a home outlet might spark.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Your Outlets Are Sparking

Outlet age

As with everything in our homes, appliance outlets gradually wear out as well. As years go by, the connections start to loosen gradually, therefore improving the chances that a short circuit can occur out of nowhere and start a fire. Additionally, old or worn-out appliance cords can also be enough reason for one outlet to spark. With that in mind, being mindful of the age of the appliances at hand, as well as electrical outlets, will help you to have control in your home, and hopefully avoid accidents of this nature.

Overloaded Circuits

Overloaded Circuits

Every home is usually divided into several electrical circuits. However, sometimes, based on certain activities, it is likely to overload one of those circuits. So, for example, if you are working on multiple appliances in the kitchen, and they are all plugged into one circuit, and let’s say there is nothing plugged into the bedroom, the chances for sparks from the electrical outlets in the kitchen are higher. Aim to be aware of your circuits and not overload them. And always make sure that there aren’t that many electrical appliances plugged into the same outlet.

Water Exposure

It is a well-known fact that water and electricity do not like each other much. If they join forces, they definitely pose a danger. So, it might not be a surprise, in case you did some fixing of a leaking pipe, that the electricity around has been checked, making sure all the electrical wiring is in order. Water can easily damage an outlet, setting sparks and chaos in the process. That is why more and more people set up a special GFCI outlet, or ground fault circuit interrupter, causing your circuit to shut down, not leaving any room for a potential fire.

Negligent Repairs

This should be an easy one – no matter where you live, or what kind of home you have, hiring a qualified electrician for any type of repair or installation should be a no-brainer. Trying to fix outlets, especially when you are not that familiar with electricity, will be dangerous, either in the short run, and you might have some immediate issue or fire, or in the long run, which is even worse.

Ordinary Sparks

Ordinary Electrical Sparks

As already mentioned, any outlet can spark when a new appliance is connected. And while that can be normal, some sparks can turn out to be just a lot more dangerous than others. Right before the plug is inserted into the electrical outlet, the electrical current will be transferred, and through that tiny gap create a spark. As a small and blue spark, this spark is normal.

Need Electrical Help?

Whenever you have some electrical issues, and you are in the Golden Horseshoe Region, Blue Ribbon Electrical can be the right answer to your prayers. A team filled with skilled and licensed electricians, they deliver top-notch electrical services, both for commercial and residential cases. As all of their electricians are industry certified they make sure to transform each work into a well-completed activity, no matter if it is a simple little installation or there is a huge project at hand.


When it comes to electricity, it is better to prevent it than wait for a catastrophic electrical fire. Keep your eyes open for any warning signs, and do not wait long to fix it once needed. Taking immediate action can be truly a life-or-death situation. Connect to the trusted electrician and make that electrical sparks history.

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